5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Business Attorney

Are you in need of a business attorney? Whether you’re starting your own business, entering into a business merger, or you have any other business-related legal matter, you need a knowledgeable, experienced business attorney. Business law can be complicated depending on the situation. It’s important to ensure that you and your business are legally covered and prepared for anything that could happen. Now that you know you need one, how do you find a good business attorney? Look for these 5 things.  Hire an Attorney Who Specializes in Business Law. It matters what type of lawyer you hire. Some attorneys may claim to be able to do it all, but you need one who has [...]

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If the Charges Are Dismissed Do I Still Have a Criminal Record?

The term “criminal justice” implies a sense of fairness, but anyone who’s been caught up in the justice system understands well that this isn’t always the case. One such frustration for many of our clients is when their charges are dismissed, but they still have a criminal record. What Happens When Your Case Is Dismissed When a case is dismissed, it means that your attorney argues that the prosecutor has insufficient evidence to convict you for a crime and the judge in your case agrees. Sometimes, charges may also be dismissed if there is a procedural error on the part of the prosecution. If your attorney tells you your case should be dismissed, you’re likely [...]

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5 Reasons Why You Need a Will

As the saying goes, “nothing is certain except for death and taxes.” Despite this, most people don’t have a will because they don’t want to contemplate what will happen when they pass away. It’s uncomfortable to be sure, and that’s why an estimated 70 percent of Americans don’t have a will. If you fall into this category, it’s time to contact our estate planning attorneys in Austin and get started. Here’s why you need a will. 1. A Will Lets You Decide How Your Estate is Handled Your will is legally binding, which means there’s no question about who inherits what and no doubt about whether your wishes will be carried out. You can choose [...]

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Austin’s Residential Real Estate is Red Hot

Austin’s residential real estate is Red Hot. The latest report from the Austin Board of Realtors showcases the market's resilience amid the COVID-19 pandemic and demand for homes continues to be very strong - breaking sales records month after month.  Austin has been the fastest-growing major metro in the country for over 10 years and continues to increase. Not only are companies moving to Austin (example: Tesla) but people are relocating from other states, such as California and New York. The continued population explosion remains a major storyline for the Central Texas economy and is reshaping everything, including real estate transactions. The way consumers are buying and selling residential real estate is changing and continuing [...]

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Protecting Your Assets When Starting a Business

When you’re about to start your own business, one of the most important considerations to make is how you should structure it in order to protect your personal assets. Without this protection, your business could be sued or face bankruptcy and you would stand to lose your personal property as a result. Here’s what you need to know about asset protection as a small business owner. Why a Sole Proprietorship Isn’t a Good Idea If you’re starting a small business or you’ve had a hobby evolve into a side income, you may think operating as a sole proprietorship is your best option. While this may certainly be the easiest way to start a business, it’s [...]

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Understanding Personal Injury Statute of Limitations in Texas

A statute of limitations is a law that sets a time limit on your ability to file a lawsuit against another party. When it comes to personal injury lawsuits, once you’ve been injured, the clock starts ticking and when the time runs out, you no longer have legal recourse. This is why it’s important to act promptly whenever you’ve suffered an injury. Texas Personal Injury Statute of Limitations The statute of limitations for personal injury cases in Texas is two years. Per Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code section 16.003, personal injury civil lawsuits need to be filed no more than two years after the “day the cause of action accrues.” This means that the [...]

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Should My Criminal Case Go to Trial?

One of the most important decisions you can make when facing criminal charges is whether to go to trial or plead guilty. While your criminal defense attorney can offer you advice, ultimately the decision is yours alone to make. Here are some factors to consider. Going to Trial If you are innocent of the crime you’ve been charged with, you may wish to go to trial and clear your name; you may also feel that going to trial is the best course of action if your charges are unfair or if you believe there are extenuating circumstances. It’s important to understand the risks involved in going to trial, and also the emotional burden involved—not just [...]

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Real Estate Attorney in Austin?

Even when a real estate attorney isn’t required for a particular transaction, it’s a good idea to have one to look out for your interests. Whether you’re buying a home or selling a home, leasing an office space or building a new location for your business, real estate attorneys make sure there are no loose ends or loopholes. You may consider yourself savvy in business, but the consequences of signing a bad contract are simply too great to risk it. Still, many people decide not to hire attorneys because they’re worried about the cost. How much does it cost to hire a real estate attorney? Is it worth it? Here’s what you should know. The [...]

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What Does a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer Do?

Commercial real estate lawyers perform many of the same duties as attorneys who focus on residential real estate—they work on transactions between buyers and sellers, handle issues with title, review contracts, and negotiate with lenders. So what does a commercial real estate lawyer do that makes them different? The main difference between these two real estate law specialties is that commercial real estate law requires a depth of knowledge in a few key areas that are specific to businesses. Our Austin commercial real estate lawyers have experience working with local businesses, developers, and property management firms to assist them in all aspects of real estate law, from transactions to litigation. Here are some of the [...]

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What Does an Attorney Do at a Real Estate Closing?

Is it worth it to hire a real estate attorney when you’re buying or selling a property in Texas? What do real estate attorneys do? We know many Austin-area residents ask themselves these questions. While in a straightforward transaction, an attorney might not be needed, there’s no way of knowing if your purchase or sale will go off without a hitch or if there are major complications headed your way. That’s why it makes sense to hire a real estate attorney for any transaction. Here’s what real estate attorneys do for a closing. Examining the Title One of the most complex pieces of any real estate transaction is examining the title. This happens behind the [...]

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