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Aviation Attorney in Austin, TX

The Kelly Legal Group has a broad range of experience in aviation law, offering comprehensive legal services to owners and operators of private and commercial aircraft. Aviation attorneys provide legal services to clients in Texas who own or operate major domestic airlines, charter operators, aircraft management companies, flight schools, and individuals who own and operate private aircraft.

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Aviation Law Services

Kelly Law Group can handle any legal aspect in the aviation industry. Services range from aircraft financing and leasing to representation of government agencies for regulatory tax issues. Kelly Legal Group can also help with aviation insurance and any claims that you may need to file.

A comprehensive list of services includes:

  • Aircraft financing
  • Aircraft leasing
  • Fleet transactions
  • Purchase and sale of commercial and private aircraft
  • Aviation insurance and claims handling
  • Collaborating with technical advisers in connection with matters such as aircraft registration, maintenance, storage, and redelivery
  • Aircraft ownership structuring, including applicable regulatory requirements and tax planning
  • Representing aircraft owners and operators before governmental agencies with respect to regulatory and tax matters

Why You Need an Aviation Attorney

If you are in any way involved with aviation, whether you own a commercial airline, work for one, or own a private plane, you can benefit from legal services. There are many laws and regulations governing airlines and aircraft, mostly in the interest of protecting the safety of everyone involved, including passengers and pilots.

Federal Aviation Organizations

Most aviation law is at the federal level, with states having very little jurisdiction. This is mostly due to the fact that commercial flights so often cross state lines and the fact that managing air space is very different from managing physical land. The federal agencies regulating aviation include:

    • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This is the governmental body of the United States with the power to regulate all aspects of civil aviation in the nation and the surrounding international waters.
    • Transportation Security Administration (TSA). An agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that has authority over the traveling public in the United States. These are the people you meet when you go through security at an airport before a flight.
    • National Transportation Safety Board (NTSA). An independent U.S. government investigative agency responsible for civil transportation accident investigation.

All of these organizations together have developed the laws regarding aviation and have the power to make necessary future changes or additions to aviation laws.

Aviation Defense Law for Pilots

Aviation law also includes defense. If you are a pilot who is facing any sort of claim or charge, you should seek an aviation attorney who specializes in this specific realm of the law. You need strong, experienced representation from an attorney who has an extensive knowledge of aviation law, a true advocate in your corner when there is so much at stake.

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