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Regardless of the size and nature of your business, you’re guaranteed to need sound legal counsel from a reliable business attorney. Kelly Legal Group has decades of combined legal experience, years of actual business experience, and a clear understanding of the local Austin community. Your needs will be met and your business will be protected by the lawyers of Kelly Legal Group.

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A Successful Business Requires Expert Legal Representation

Whether you own a small storefront bakery, a large franchise restaurant group, or you’re interested in starting your first business in or around Austin, you will need the services of a business attorney. It is wise to consult with a business attorney from a respected law firm early and often to ensure that the interests of your business are protected. As experienced business attorneys, the small business lawyers and corporate lawyers at Kelly Legal Group can ensure that your company is properly protected, effectively structured, and compliant with all laws and regulations for your industry. Proactively seeking the services of a business lawyer can not only help your business earn money, but can also prevent problems and help you save money in the future.

Your attorney can counsel you from the first step of creating a business plan to the last step of planning succession for your retirement. They will be able to provide legal advice on everything from tax law and contract law to commercial litigation and employment law. Every small business owner should have an experienced lawyer on their side.

Why Do I Need a Business Attorney?

As a business owner, you’ll need legal counsel on a wide variety of business transactions and other issues. At Kelly Legal Group, we can advise you on any of the following:

  • Entity Formation. For individuals wanting to embark on their first endeavor, legal protections and sound advice on how to accomplish the safeguards they need to succeed are imperative.
  • Contracts. Employee contracts, partnership contracts, and all agreements between your business and your customers or business clients.
  • Property Transactions. Lease agreements and real estate purchases for business purposes.
  • Corporate Records. Records maintenance and employee handbooks.
  • Business Counseling. Succession planning and mediation.
  • Taxes. Managing deductions, employee payroll taxes, and filing yearly taxes.

These are just some of the legal aspects of a business that an attorney can help with for small businesses. If you have any other business needs, contact Texas business attorneys at (512) 505-0053.

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What Types of Businesses Need Legal Services?

Every business needs legal services from a knowledgeable business attorney. Businesses are governed by local, state, and federal laws, which can be intricate and complicated. A business attorney can ensure that your business operates legally, which is a crucial element of success. Examples of business types needing legal services include:

Corporation: Corporation is a type of business structure where shareholders buy shares of stock and pay corporate income taxes. Shareholders may also be subject to personal liability for debts incurred by the corporation.

General Partnership: A general partnership is a business entity where two or more people own the company together. General partnerships are generally treated as separate entities from each partner.

Limited Liability Company: LLC is a corporation where owners share ownership in the company, but only pay personal tax rates. This means that if something goes wrong, the partners are not held personally liable.

Sole Proprietorship: In this type of business, the owner is the only shareholder and is responsible for paying personal income taxes.

Association: An association is a group of businesses owned by a single person. Associations are often used for holding property like land or buildings.

Estate: An estate comprises all of an individual’s assets like land, cash, stocks, bonds, bank accounts, retirement funds, life insurance policies, vehicles, etc. An executor is appointed to handle the estate after the owner’s death.

Joint Venture: This is when two or more parties work together to create a new venture. Joint ventures are usually formed through a written agreement.

Limited Liability Partnership: LLP is a hybrid of a limited liability company and a general partnership. It combines the benefits of both LLCs and GPs. Ownership is shared equally among the members, but the members are responsible for paying personal income tax.

Limited Partnership: LP is similar to LLP except that LP partners split profits and losses based on their percentage ownership instead of sharing them equally.

Municipality: Municipalities are cities, towns, villages, and counties. They are usually run by elected officials and are responsible for providing public services such as police, firefighting, sanitation, etc.

Non-profit Corporation: Non-profits are organizations whose purpose is to benefit society through charitable work. Non-profits are exempt from taxation.

These businesses and more can benefit from legal services to establish the entity and handle regular business operations. Safeguard your valuable intellectual property while protecting yourself against potential lawsuits by hiring an attorney that specializes in business law.

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When Do I Need A Business Lawyer?

A lawyer should always be consulted before signing any contract. Here are three examples of why you might need a Texas business attorney:

1) Not Sure About The Terms Of Your Contract – Contracts should be reviewed carefully before signing. Even though most contracts include standard terms, it’s essential to read over the entire document to ensure everything is correctly spelled out. For example, if you’re unsure whether a clause will apply to you or not, don’t sign until you get clarification.

2) When Someone Breaches Their Contract Obligation – In many cases, a breach of contract occurs when someone fails to live up to their obligations under a contract. This could mean failing to pay money owed or failing to deliver goods or services promised. When someone breaches their contractual obligation, they are liable for damages. Damages are compensation for the harm caused by the breach. Generally speaking, the amount of damages is equal to the loss suffered by the other party.

3) If You Want To Set Up A New Business Or Start A New Company – Setting up a company or starting a new business requires careful planning. Before doing so, it’s important to consult with a lawyer. This way, you’ll know exactly what steps must be taken to set up your business properly.

If you want to start a new business or open a new company, contact our law firm today to discuss your options.

Kelly Legal Group has been helping clients in Austin, TX and throughout the state for over a decade. Our business lawyers have helped thousands of individuals and small business owners form companies and protect their interests. From business contracts to business disputes, we have a dedicated legal team with experience in handling all types of business litigation matters and legal issues.

If you own a business or are thinking about starting one, you need a reliable business attorney. Kelly Legal Group can advise you every step of the way to help your business thrive. Call us today at (512) 505-0053 to schedule a free consultation, or contact us online to request an appointment.