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The Kelly Legal Group (KLG) is focused on maximizing efficiency and results. We are driven by our clients and cases, and clients work directly with attorneys who practice specific types of law, rather than generalists who handle a wide variety of cases. We are committed to providing the advocacy you need without the attitude you don’t. If you have found other lawyers to be more about their egos than about your case, talk to KLG. Our attorneys are not only highly knowledgeable and experienced, but very down-to-earth. No bull, just great representation and timely results. We Get It Done.


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Do you live in Austin, Texas or the surrounding area? Do you have concerns over various legal requirements at the local, state, or federal level? Are you facing issues with estate planning law, real estate law, business law, or kinds of law?

Most people find dealing with the law to be complicated and difficult, but we at Kelly Legal Group are here to help simplify things for you.

Kelly Legal Group (KLG) is an Austin, TX law firm focused on helping clients in legal matters and getting them the best possible outcome. We are reputable and efficient, with a talented team that goes above and beyond for our clients. Kelly Legal Group has been serving Austin for over 10 years. Our commitment is dedicated to helping you get peace of mind whenever we are called upon.

Our diverse law firm offers a variety of services in several practice areas. We can help you with real estate transactions and litigation, business law, estate planning and probate law, and many other types of law. The able team of seasoned attorneys works directly with clients in delivering resolutions for specific types of law concerns.

Who Is Kelly Legal Group?

Kelly Legal Group is a law firm located in Austin, TX.

Jeffery S. Kelly established the law firm and continues to lead it today. It was originally a real estate and corporate boutique law firm. Later, the team diversified to cover business, aviation, construction, and wills and estates law.

Every law department has specific attorneys, ensuring quality and efficient service delivery.

Our Services

We are determined to excel in offering the following services to our Austin clients.

  • Real Estate Law
  • Business Law
  • Aviation Law
  • Construction Law
  • Wills and Estates

Real Estate Law

Dealing with real property requires paying attention to details. You need an experienced and committed real estate lawyer to handle your legal matters. Our real estate attorney will guide you on what you need to complete your real estate transactions.

What does real estate law cover?

Real estate law covers all the transactions from the moment you purchase a property to the day you sell it. The law also covers issues like landlord-tenant disputes and foreclosure.

Real estate law dictates the use of property, purchase and selling principles, and building codes. It comprises two kinds: residential real estate and commercial real estate.

Residential Real Estate Law

Participants in this law category include landlords/property owners, home buyers, and tenants.

The services we offer in this area of the law are listed below.

  • Deed Transfers – Our real estate attorneys are well-versed in deeds matters. We handle all sorts of deeds ranging from grant deeds and general warranty deeds to trustee’s deeds and quitclaim deeds.
  • Legal Documentation – Real estate transactions usually involve a lot of paperwork. Our lawyers will help you with your research, contract negotiation, and any other legal documentation necessary.
  • Property Taxes – Tax assessors may incorrectly valuate your property, leading to high tax rates. We can help you file an appeal and try to overturn a mistaken appraisal or valuation.
  • Landlord-Tenant Disputes – We help both landlords and tenants in issues of payment defaulting, property damage, lease agreements, and so on.
  • Loan Modifications – Our attorney will negotiate with your lender if you’re on the verge of foreclosure. You can possibly extend the repayment dates or pause the repayment plan.
  • Closings – Our real estate lawyers prepare all the legal paperwork to finalize the property transfer. We ensure the title deeds and mortgage documents are in order. We shall also identify easements and liens, if any.
  • Refinancing – Do you need a new loan on your home? We can help you go through the whole process of refinancing and do the closing again.
  • Evictions – You may be a victim of an unfair eviction. If you’re one, don’t panic. Our real estate lawyers will stand with you and walk you through the legalities concerning landlord-tenant law. You’ll get the justice you deserve.
  • Contract Disputes – Disputes may arise while doing real estate transactions. If this happens, reach out to us. We can represent you in court and help you claim what you deserve.
  • Eminent Domain – The government may claim your land for public use. In this case, we will help you fight to keep your property or get fair compensation from the government.

Commercial Real Estate Law

We offer the services listed below in relation to commercial real estate.

  • Real Estate Property Rights and Land Use. This kind of law affects how you use your commercial property. We shall help you with the environmental law requirements, permits, and adjacent business disputes.
  • Real Estate Development Law. Property development business needs you to have a real estate lawyer by your side. Land use law and zoning laws can be complicated. When you work with Kelly Legal Group, we can help you evaluate your property, acquire permits, and purchase the property. Upon completing the project, we can still assist you in leasing or selling the property.
  • Commercial Leases. We offer commercial lease services to both property owners and tenants. You may need our assistance in examining the terms and conditions of a lease agreement.
  • Cooperative Representation. Condominiums, in particular, have a lot legal documentation. They also have many day-to-day disputes, requiring a real estate attorney to navigate.
  • Zoning. Zoning laws significantly impact commercial real estate. Municipal regulations may affect how you use your commercial property. You can rely on our real estate attorneys for a rezoning procedure. We can also educate you on the various zoning requirements.
  • Foreclosure. You might have a mortgage and are unable to make your payments. This circumstance might lead to foreclosure action brought by the lender. Consider hiring one of our attorneys as soon as you miss a payment to avoid foreclosure. We can also fight a foreclosure process already in progress.
  • Short Sales. You need a real estate attorney to represent your property under the short sales list. We shall ensure the lender relieves all the financial obligations once the sale is complete. Our attorney will also cushion you from property seized by the lender.
  • Distressed Property. When you reclaim your property through foreclosure, you’ll need to resell it. Note that the price of this distressed property will be lower than the market value. We shall guide you on the best action to take. If you buy a distressed property, you’ll most likely have to do a lot of repairs and we can guide you through the necessary legal steps.

Business Law

Any business, regardless of its size, needs a reputable business attorney. Our attorneys are well versed in all areas of business law and will deliver when called upon. Our knowledge about the local Austin community makes our local business attorneys reliable and the best options for any business entity.

Reach us at (512) 505-0053 to book an appointment for a free consultation.

What to Expect From Our Business Attorneys

We offer the following services as far as business law is concerned.

  • Entity Formation. You can rely on us if you’re opening a new business. We can handle all the framework and legal paperwork as you start your business venture.
  • Contracts. We act on your behalf in writing contracts, reviewing contracts and negotiating contracts throughout your business endeavors. We will also fight for your rights if there are any contract disputes.
  • Property Transactions. We come in to guide you when purchasing real property or leasing out a real estate property. All documentation involved and the legal requirements shall be our responsibility.
  • Corporate Records. We do corporate records, which entail keeping track of all business transactions and maintaining the employee handbook.
  • Business Counseling. Our business attorneys have worked with numerous new enterprises in several different industries. We can offer sage advise throughout the business formation and beyond.
  • Taxes. We shall help your business with all tax needs, including annual taxes, payroll taxes, and so on.

Wills and Estates

Our probate attorneys will help you with estate planning and will concerns. Seek guidance from an experienced Austin estate planning attorney when drafting a will or trust.

We also represent our clients in disputes over the division of the assets after a loved one has passed.

Give your family members and loved ones a gift by hiring our Austin, TX estate planning attorney when writing a will.

Reach us today or request an appointment.

Probate Law Assistance We Offer

We offer the following estate planning probate services.

  • Litigation. If an individual died without a will, disputes might arise over asset distribution. These disputes can also occur even if there was a will written. Kelly Legal Group is board-certified in estate planning and probate law and can represent you in this dispute. If the parties opt for mediation rather than a court, we can still represent you.
  • Trusts. Trusts are similar to wills, but with different features, and are a tool for asset distribution. There is a revocable trust and an irrevocable trust. You can’t modify an irrevocable trust as it’s permanent. However, you can modify a revocable trust/living trust. A trust has trustees who are responsible for carrying out the terms. You may need to use a trust when the beneficiary has special needs and cannot manage assets on their own. Our lawyers are all capable and ready to help you set up a trust.
  • Power of Attorney. When you grant our attorneys powers of attorney, they will be in charge of your estate administration and make decisions on your behalf. We’re open to your requests and would do our best to ensure you get your desired outcome.
  • Estate and Gift Tax Planning. Your heirs will be taxed on several occasions for your estate and gifts. To navigate through the various tax requirements, you should have a qualified lawyer by your side.
  • Wills. You need to write a will for asset protection and as a directive of how your assets should be distributed, should you pass on. You can include stock shares, real estate properties, bank accounts, and more in your will. By hiring one of our attorneys, we shall guide you in drafting your will to make sure your last wishes are carried out.

Other Areas We Serve

The list below shows our other practice areas.

Construction Law

Construction law encompasses the following list of professionals:

  • Architects
  • Contractors
  • Geologists
  • Engineers
  • Property owners
  • Financiers
  • Insurance companies

We offer the following services regarding construction law:

  • Construction contracts
  • Insurance coverage matters
  • Bonds (performance and payment)
  • Public bidding
  • Licensing issues
  • Procurement
  • Litigation
  • Construction mediation
  • Project support and consulting
  • Warranty claims

Aviation Law

We have experience in aviation law. In this regard, we have helped many Austin-based aircraft companies deal with their legal concerns.

We offer a wide range of aviation law services, as listed below:

  • Aviation insurance
  • Aircraft registration
  • Aircraft financing
  • Leasing
  • Transaction for private and commercial aircraft
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Fleet transactions
  • Aircraft storage
  • Ownership structuring
  • Taxing requirements
  • Disputes claims representations.

Call us immediately if you have suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence. We shall ensure you receive proper medical attention before representing you in court. We shall fight to ensure you receive fair compensation.

How to Contact Us

For a free consultation or appointment booking:

  • Call (512) 505-0053 or
  • Fax at 512-505-0054

We are open from 8:30 A.M to 5:00 P.M Monday to Friday.

Contact us and we shall help you address your legal concerns so that you can have peace of mind.

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