The Ins and Outs of Selecting A Commercial Real Estate Lawyer in Austin, TX

Commercial real estate law is an area of the law that deals with anything involving commercial property. Attorneys specializing in commercial real estate handle a wide range of legal issues related to buying or selling property, developing commercial or residential properties, managing properties, drafting contracts for the sale of land and buildings, negotiating leases, drawing up [...]

Commercial Lease Types Explained

Commercial real estate law encompasses a wide range of legal matters pertaining to the ownership, sale, and use of the commercial property. Under the umbrella of commercial real estate law falls commercial leases. A commercial lease is used when a business rents a commercial property from an owner/landlord. Commercial leases are often quite a bit [...]

What is Eminent Domain?

Does the government have the right to take private property for public use? Under the law of eminent domain, the local, state, or federal government has the power to legally take property. However, the government is required to pay the owner fair compensation for the land. Have you received a notice from the government that [...]