Are you planning to buy or sell a home or other property? If so, you will need to find a real estate lawyer to handle various tasks throughout the process. It’s best to find someone as early in the house hunting phase or sale preparations as possible, especially if you’re going to be working with a real estate agent.

How do you find a real estate attorney? Here are some tips to help you find the best lawyer to handle your buying or selling needs.

  1. Get a lawyer before you need one. Don’t wait until you’re faced with the first complication or document that needs to be reviewed to look for a lawyer. Choosing in a time crunch means you won’t have time to do thorough research and make sure you’re making a wise choice. As early in the process of buying or selling as possible, start your search.
  2. Consider someone you’ve worked with before. If you have seen an attorney for another matter, it may be worth checking to see if they also handle real estate. Many attorneys provide a wide range of services, and if the first experience was positive, the rest will likely be the same.
  3. Choose a Board Certified Attorney. Not all attorneys have the same qualifications. At the very least you want to find a real estate lawyer that is licensed and in good standing. But a board certified attorney has achieved a higher level of qualification through rigorous standards. Check with your state bar association for an attorney’s status and qualifications.
  4. Conduct an Online Search. The internet provides a wealth of information about lawyers, including reviews and information about their area of expertise. Search for real estate attorneys in your area and go from there.
  5. Ask for Recommendations. Almost everyone knows a good lawyer when you ask them. Try friends, family members, coworkers, or neighbors to see if they would recommend a specific lawyer for real estate purposes. Your real estate agent may have a certain attorney they typically recommend.
  6. Look for a Lawyer with a Real Estate Certification. In some states, such as Texas, lawyers can obtain certifications in various fields of law. Choosing a lawyer with a real estate certification will ensure that they are properly trained and prepared to handle all aspects of real estate law.
  7. Schedule Consultations with your Top Choices. Once you’ve narrowed down your list to just a few of the best lawyers, schedule a consultation with each one. Consultations are usually free, and meeting the attorney in person will give you a feel for their personality so you’ll know if you’re going to be able to work with them. During the consultation be sure to ask about fees and get the information in writing for comparison.
  8. Retain your Attorney. In some cases it may be necessary to retain your attorney, which essentially means to hire them or reserve their services. You may be required to pay a fee (like a deposit) in order to retain them to work on your case. If so, the first fees charged for tasks pertaining to your case will be taken from the original fee you pay until those funds are exhausted. Additional fees will be charged for further services beyond the original amount.

There is not necessarily any single best way to find a good lawyer, but the above tips will certainly help.

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