What You Need to Know About Texas Foreclosure Laws

Are you facing a potential foreclosure on your home? When your budget is tight it doesn’t take much to get behind on your house payments. And once you’re 120 days behind, your mortgage lender has the right to begin the process of foreclosure.  But even if you’ve missed payments, you still have rights in this [...]

Short Sale vs Foreclosure: What’s the Difference?

Short Sale vs Foreclosure: What’s the Difference? When a homeowner struggles with making mortgage payments, they may be in danger of losing their home. If you have found yourself in this situation, you have a few options:  Foreclosure. The lender seizes the property. Short Sale. The property is sold before foreclosure. Deed in Lieu of [...]

What Should I Expect During the Foreclosure Process?

Are you facing foreclosure on your home? This is not uncommon with the current economic situation in Texas and across the country. Sometimes you experience changes to your income or budget after buying a home and find that you can no longer afford the mortgage payment you once could. It only takes a few missed [...]