Experienced criminal defense attorneys guide you

When you find yourself facing a criminal charge, you need an attorney who is equipped to handle whatever comes as your case works its way through the criminal justice system. An experienced criminal defense attorney who has an impressive background, handling a variety of cases, can advise you well and help you find the best solution.

Steps in the criminal defense case process: Pre-Trial and trial

Most defendants would prefer to avoid a trial altogether, and an experienced defense attorney can often argue that a case should be dismissed before it even reaches a courtroom. In the absence of a dismissal, a favorable plea bargain can often be negotiated, resulting in a reduction in charges or lighter sentences. In both of these cases, the defendant never has to go through a trial.

When trials are necessary, because it’s the best way to ensure a positive outcome, a well-prepared criminal defense attorney will lead a defendant and his or her family through the process. If the trial reflects an error, either by the judge, jury, or prosecutors, your attorney will prepare a vigorous appeal.

Life after adjudication: What next?

Once your case is resolved, you can take steps to clean up your record, to allow you to carry on. If the case is handled in juvenile court, often those records can be sealed from the general public. Adults who have been found not guilty or whose charges were dismissed can have their records expunged—which means that those defendants can now honestly say they’ve never been arrested or charged with a crime, because those records no longer exist. Other options also exist for defendants whose cases result in probation instead of jail time—an experienced criminal defense attorney is the right person to walk you through this entire process.