About Kelly Legal Group

Kelly Legal Group of Austin, Texas was founded by Jeff Kelly. Initially created as a real estate and corporate law boutique firm, Kelly Legal Group endeavors to work quickly, efficiently, while providing quality legal services through first-class knowledge and understanding to create rapid matter resolution.

While we practice in several different genres of law, we focus on aviation, business, personal injury, criminal, entertainment and real estate law. No matter what your legal matter, our team is dedicated to outperforming and obtaining results.

As a part of our services, Kelly Legal Group offers free consultations when you call 512-505-0053. Our bankruptcy, real estate, or business attorneys will listen to your situation and inform you of your options, seeking to provide you with the best legal services available today.

If you’re considering bankruptcy, our bankruptcy attorneys will work hard to help you during this tough time. Working professionally and quickly, it’s our goal to help you develop a successful plan of attack so that you can get out of bankruptcy quickly.

If you’re looking to start a business, our business lawyers will help you build a solid foundation for your business so that you can focus on providing the quality products and or service you desire to provide to your clients.

If you’re in the constantly changing and fast paced world of real estate, your real estate attorney will provide you with representation throughout the entire transaction, looking for hidden “gotchas” that are constantly thrown into these kinds of transactions.

When you call Kelly Legal Group, we’re sure that you’ll find that we are different from other Austin, Texas attorneys. Our goal with every case is to get your situation resolved affordably and as swiftly as possible. So call today at 512-505-0053 for a free consultation, we’re sure you’re going to be impressed.


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