Why Do I Need a Lawyer to Sell My House?

Do you need to sell your home? If so, you’ll need a real estate lawyer, otherwise known as a land lawyer, to help you along the way. Each individual situation is different and may require more or less legal involvement than other cases. Are you wondering why you need a lawyer to sell a home? Here’s why. The sale of property is subject to real estate law and must be conducted and documented properly in order to be legal. Your real estate agent will likely be knowledgeable about these things, but not to the extent of a well-educated lawyer. Here are some examples of the roles real estate lawyer plays in the sale of [...]

What Does a Real Estate Attorney do for a Seller?

A real estate attorney (or real estate lawyer) represents the seller in a property transaction. It is necessary to have a lawyer for house closing in any sale of real estate to ensure that the transaction is carried out legally by all parties involved. Some aspects of property sale will be handled by a real estate lawyer before a contract is in place and some after until the final closing on a house. Before a contract is in place, a real estate lawyer will:         Draft the terms of sale. The terms of sale is an official document drafted by an attorney that outlines the price, states that the seller has [...]

What Does a Real Estate Attorney do for a Buyer?

Are you in the process of buying a house? Buying real estate is a significant purchase in which a large amount of money is exchanged, often between lenders more so than individuals. It is for this reason that a real estate attorney is required for the buying and selling of property. As a part of the home buying process, a real estate attorney/housing lawyer will be involved in a variety of ways. A Real Estate Attorney Ensures that you are making a Quality Purchase If you think buying a lemon of a car is bad, you definitely don’t want to buy a lemon of a home. A home inspection is a required part of [...]

Using The Name Or Likeness Of Another

In most states, you can be sued for using someone else's name, likeness, or other personal attributes without permission for an exploitative purpose. Usually, people run into trouble in this area when they use someone's name or photograph in a commercial setting, such as in advertising or other promotional activities. But, some states also prohibit use of another person's identity for the user's own personal benefit, whether or not the purpose is strictly commercial. There are two distinct legal claims that potentially apply to these kinds of unauthorized uses: Invasion of privacy through misappropriation of name or likeness ("misappropriation"); Violation of the right of publicity. (The "right of publicity" is the right of a [...]

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Free Expression Limitations On Liability

Exception for News and Commentary You generally cannot be held liable for using someone's name, likeness, or other personal attributes in connection with reporting or commenting on matters of public interest. Many courts view this as a constitutional privilege based on the First Amendment, and some states have statutes explicitly exempting news reporting and commentary on public issues from liability. It is not always easy to determine what will qualify as news or legitimate commentary, especially on the Internet. But the courts traditionally have taken an extremely broad view of "news" and "commentary" -- it encompasses any reporting or commenting on current events or social issues, "soft news" which is of primarily entertainment value, [...]

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Federal Lawsuit Austin

Man claims he was falsely arrested The Kelly Legal Group, PLLC filed a federal lawsuit alleging that a man was wrongfully arrested for failing to show his identification. Our Client was awaiting the start of his work day when two Texas Department of Public Safety agents approached he and a coworker and demanded to see their identification. When our client refused the DPS agent began harassing and assaulting our client. Our client immediately called Austin Police department. When APD arrived rather than assist our client they conspired with Texas DPS and arrested our client.

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Meet The Face Behind The Kelly Legal Group (KLG)

I’m Jeff Kelly, proud owner of The Kelly Legal Group, PLCC (KLG) I look forward to sharing my story. I hope that you will enjoy getting to know me better. My dad was one of the top home builders in our area; from a very young age, I spent my summers and school breaks working for different trades - plumbers, electricians, etc. I then went on to develop properties and ran a successful home inspection company. However, my passion for real estate and the law drew me towards establishing KLG over fifteen years ago. Through my new venture, I wanted to get an in-depth understanding of the “rules of the game” and help others that did [...]

Hurricane Harvey Victims Beware:

Please submit your claims for damages associated with Hurricane Harvey this week, before September 1, 2017. New legislation is going into effect on September 1, 2017 which will greatly reduce penalties insurers pay for delaying or denying claims. The bill is named the “Hailstorm Bill”. It reduces the penalty insurers face for wrongfully delaying or denying claims for “forces of nature” claims from 18% to around 10%. The new legislation as well has a provision which requires a 60 day notice prior to suing. It is believed that claims filed before Friday will be dealt with much more promptly because the claims filed this week will not be subject to the new law. From reading the legislation it should [...]

What Our Customers are Saying About Us

At The Kelly Legal Group PLLC, we’re proud of the work that we do. But, instead of telling you why our customers love us, we’ll let them do the talking! Here’s what some of our customers are saying about us lately: ★★★★★ “Jeff Kelly is representing me in a real estate dispute. Jeff has a great mind for the law, and when I read the petition he wrote, I nearly fell over. It was the scariest, smartest, most well-documented argument I’ve ever seen! OK, I haven’t seen that many petitions but Jeff really nailed it - to the last detail. There are considerable complexities in the chronology of the case, and Jeff led me through the [...]

Ocwen told to stop

Ocwen Financial Corp. the mortgage servicer was recently hit with 20 states issuing cease-and-desist orders. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau soon followed with a lawsuit. The orders demanded that Ocwen not acquire any new servicing rights and residential mortgages until such time as the company can prove that it is financial viable and it justifies its collection and calculation procedures associated with consumer fraud. Ocwen signed a Memorandum of Understand promising it would turn over certain documents. After Ocwen failed to do so regulators found that Ocwen was still operating outside regulations. “Ocwen has engaged in, is engaging in, or is about to engage in acts or practices which warrant the belief that the [...]

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