When it comes to property disputes, we don’t want your business. That may sound like a bold statement, but it’s true: if you have a property line dispute with a neighbor, nothing would make us happier than for you to resolve the matter together without involving an attorney. When you don’t get along with your neighbors, it can feel isolating and there may be tension with other neighbors as well. It’s not a good situation, so if it can be resolved amicably, it’s the best case scenario for everyone involved.

Sometimes, though, property line disputes with neighbors cannot be resolved without the counsel of a qualified property dispute lawyer. That’s when our team at Kelly Legal Group can help.

What You Can Do to Resolve Land Disputes

There are many ways in which a neighbor may encroach on your property. The most frequent scenario is a neighbor building a fence over the property line onto your land. Driveways and walkways are common culprits too. While it’s rare for a neighbor to actually build a structure onto an adjacent property, gardens, bushes, and trees that extend into a neighbor’s yard are also encroachments.

In most cases, neighbors who encroach on your property don’t mean to do so. Let’s be honest, most of us don’t consult our surveys and local property line laws before putting a flower bed next to the driveway. Without property line markers in place, it can be hard to know where one yard ends and another begins. 

Knowing this, the best way to resolve a property line dispute with a neighbor is to invite them to have a civil discussion about the matter. If you’re not comfortable having a face-to-face conversation, try sending an email or even a text—this is also good because it gives you a record of what you said and their response. Don’t be accusatory, but don’t back down either. Remember that it’s very unlikely that they encroached on your property deliberately.

If needed, you may want to have a surveyor come and survey your property so you have documented proof from a professional that your land has been encroached on. Often, with these simple steps, you can resolve a land dispute without involving an attorney. If your neighbor is willing to work with you, you may want to ask them to remove the encroaching structure or, if that’s not possible, ask them to purchase the land from you. When a purchase is made, you’ll need to hire a real estate attorney to sign the deed and draft a contract.

What an Attorney Can Do to Resolve Land Disputes

When it’s not possible to resolve a dispute on your own, it’s probably time to hire a property dispute lawyer to intervene on your behalf. The first step an attorney will take is drafting a letter to your neighbor outlining your case and asking them to come to a resolution so you don’t have to pursue legal action. These letters are an affordable way to avoid having to file a lawsuit and they’re often very effective.

Sometimes, even a letter from an attorney is not enough. In these cases, we can file a lawsuit. This can be a difficult decision to make, but if you cannot resolve the issue, it’s important to fight for your rights. Provided you have a deed and survey that proves you own the property, you should have a straightforward case with a good chance of winning.

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