Every business lawyer should know that the law is a complex and ever-changing body of rules, regulations, statutes, case law, and precedents. The legal system has been evolving since the beginning of civilization.

There are laws today that govern almost every aspect of our lives and how we interact with each other. For business lawyers, they must understand these laws to ensure they do their very best to advocate for the rights of their clients and achieve the best possible outcomes.

Who is a Business Law Professional?

A business law professional is an attorney specializing in representing businesses in legal matters. A business lawyer can help a company prepare and file incorporation documents, write partnership agreements, draft contracts, negotiate contracts, advise on corporate governance issues, and provide any other services related to the legal needs of running a business.

Business lawyers also work closely with accountants and financial advisors to make sure that companies stay within the bounds of the law. They may even help a company set up its internal policies and procedures for managing day-to-day operations.

Business law as a legal specialization incorporates various practice areas, including corporate law, securities law, mergers & acquisitions, intellectual property law, employment law, banking law, tax law, real estate law, insurance law, and commercial litigation, arbitration, mediation, or any combination thereof.

Therefore, to excel in this field, a business law professional needs to understand all aspects of the law as they could affect business entities. This includes what the law says and how it works in practice.

9 Things Every Business Law Professional Should Know

Knowledge of Law

The first thing that makes a great business lawyer is knowledge of the law. It doesn’t matter whether they’re at a big law firm or a solo practitioner; if they want to succeed as a business lawyer, they need to have a solid grasp of the law. They must be able to identify which parts of the law are applicable to their client’s situation.

This means knowing the law itself and how it applies to specific situations. From business transactions and business litigation to corporate finance and other legal issues, they’ll need to know about all of the different types of law that could affect their client’s business.

If they can do this, the lawyer will represent their clients in court effectively.

It’s essential to keep track of new developments in the law. A business attorney needs to know what’s going on in courtrooms across the country, but especially in their local jurisdiction. That way, they can anticipate how changes in the law will affect their clients’ situations and adapt their strategy accordingly.

Legal Research Skills

A business lawyer and the team at their law firm will often need to research complicated topics such as bankruptcy, contract interpretation, and trademark infringement. To do this successfully, the attorney will need to possess strong research skills and a dedicated legal team.

They will need to be able to find relevant information online, read academic journals, and use databases like Westlaw. These resources allow legal professionals to search through thousands of articles and documents at once. They’ll be able to quickly sift through the results and find exactly what is needed for their business clients.

A business lawyer should be able to communicate complex ideas clearly to their clients. The best business lawyers are masters at communicating legal concepts to non-lawyers. Additionally, they must be able analyze data and use facts to support their arguments. They need to be able to present facts and figures in a compelling manner so that judges and juries understand why they should rule in their favor.

Business Awareness

Being aware of trends in the business world is crucial. A business lawyer should understand what’s happening in the market in order to predict future events and prepare their clients.

For example, if they are working on a merger deal, they should understand how mergers affect the market. Likewise, a business attorney should know about the latest technology innovations and how they can impact their clients’ industries.

These things are crucial when it comes to making strategic decisions. If corporate lawyers don’t pay attention to current affairs, they won’t advise their clients properly.

In addition to being knowledgeable about the business world, a business attorney should also be well versed in the legal system. They need to know how to navigate the courts and how judges decide cases.

Legal and Business Ethics

Another important aspect of being a successful business lawyer is adhering to an ethical code. Many states require attorneys to follow certain professional rules.

For instance, some states require attorneys to avoid conflicts of interest. They may also prohibit them from representing multiple parties in the same case.

Business ethics are the moral principles that govern business conduct. It involves examining how businesses should behave to promote their interests while maintaining ethical standards.

When practicing law, a lawyer should always act ethically by maintaining good relations with the stakeholders involved in their clients’ businesses. This includes employees, shareholders, creditors, regulators, and other third-party groups.

A small business lawyer or corporate lawyer must make sure that their clients abides by all applicable laws and regulations. Also, an attorney should make sure that they themselves never lie or misrepresent facts to anyone. Doing so could harm their reputation and lead to disciplinary action against them, not to mention cause damage to their clients’ businesses.

Legal and Business Ethics

Understanding Clientele

A business lawyer should also understand their clients thoroughly. They need to recognize the differences when dealing with small business owners versus large corporations.

They must be familiar with the types of business contracts that different companies employ, identify the needs of each company, know how to interpret financial statements, and understand compliance requirements. This will help them better serve their clients.

In addition, a business attorney needs to be able to tell the difference between a real problem and one that isn’t worth worrying about. If they can distinguish between the two, both they and their client will be better off. Making this distinction will help avoid wasting time and energy on problems that won’t affect their client.

Negotiation Skills

To be an effective business lawyer, a person needs negotiation skills. Negotiations are inevitable in any legal case, but especially in business law cases. They will need to negotiate a broad range of things from employment contracts and shareholder agreements to sale agreements and operating agreements.

To become a skilled negotiator, an attorney needs to learn to listen carefully, control their emotions, and remain calm under pressure. In other words, they need to practice patience.

When negotiating, they need to be clear about what their client wants. Then, they need to figure out how much they are willing to give the opposing side. Finally, they need to come to mutually agreeable terms.

A Good Legal Education

While all lawyers need basic knowledge of the law, not every attorney has a well-rounded legal education. This means that they might struggle to apply their knowledge effectively.

However, a well-rounded education will equip a business lawyer with the knowledge necessary to succeed in the field.

For example, a smart attorney would have taken intellectual property law, employment law, corporate law, and contracts courses. By taking classes in each area, they will have gained a broad understanding of the law.

Additionally, they will also benefit from learning about different types of businesses. For example, business attorneys will get a chance to study the differences between sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies.

Finally, they will benefit from studying current events and staying on top of any legal developments. These include cases involving discrimination, sexual harassment, and wrongful termination. Studying such issues will allow lawyers to stay up to date with current trends in the industry.


One of the biggest challenges faced by business lawyers is dealing with people. People are unpredictable. They can say things that they later regret. Sometimes they will do things to make their cases or situations more difficult.

To deal with all of this, a good lawyer needs to have patience. They need to be able to remain calm and collected under pressure. A business lawyer should never lose their temper and cause a strain on the attorney-client relationship. Instead, they should focus on getting the job done.


When working as a business lawyer, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of winning a case. But, it isn’t the time to show off. A lawyer needs to act professionally and respectfully.

Their reputation depends on it. When a business lawyer behaves professionally, they gain respect from other lawyers and professionals. As a result, they may be able to win more cases and have more success at contract negotiation.

The Bottom Line

Becoming a successful business lawyer requires a lot hard work. Luckily, the attorneys at Kelly Legal Group have put in the work and demonstrate all the good qualities listed above. Our lawyers and everyone on the legal team at the firm work diligently to ensure they are providing the best possible representation for our clients. We are dedicated to doing good work in all legal and business matters.

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