Business Lawyers in Austin, TX

Hire the right business attorney at kelly legal group

Regardless of the size of your business or your area of expertise, you’re guaranteed to need sound legal counsel from a business attorney—and you want one that you can count on. When you choose The Kelly Legal Group, you’ll get the benefit of decades of combined legal expertise, years of actual business experience and a clear understanding of the local Austin community. Your needs will be met and your business protected with The Kelly Legal Group.

Good Business Requires Good Legal Representation

Whether you own a small storefront bakery or a large franchise restaurant group, or about to start your first business in or around Austin, a wise businessperson is one who consults with a business attorney early and often to ensure that the interests of your business are protected. As experienced business attorneys, we can ensure that your company is properly protected, effectively structured, and compliant with all laws and regulations for your area of expertise. Enlisting legal counsel early and often is the kind of proactive business decision that not only help you earn money but can prevent problems from developing later on. We can counsel you from beginning, when you create a business plan, choose a business entity, and solicit investment dollars or acquire debt financing, to the end, when you begin succession planning for your retirement.

Choose A Business Attorney With Experience

As a business owner, you’ll need legal counsel on a wide variety of issues. At The Kelly Legal Group, we have the experience to consult with you on any of the following issues: Entity Formation, Austin’s entrepreneurial scene is hot, for bootstrap minded individuals wanting to embark on their first endeavor the need for legal protections and sound advice on how to accomplish the safeguards they need to succeed is imperative Contracts, including employee contracts, partnership contracts, and all agreements between your business and your customers Property Transactions, including lease agreements and real estate purchases for business purposes Corporate records, including records maintenance and employee handbooks Business counseling, including succession planning and mediation

Let Business Attorneys Help You Shoulder the Burden

Business is challenging on its own, without worrying about the nuanced legalities of your particular field. Combine that with the somewhat challenging nature of doing business in a litigious society and you’re quite likely to see why business owners can seem more anxious than many. Business attorneys can ease that burden by making sure that your business is prepared, in every way possible, for any possibility. Even if the news is good—an expansion, a partnership, a new headquarters—a business attorney can pave the way for a problem-free process. Give us a call at The Kelly Legal Group for a free consultation, and let us show you how an experienced business attorney can help you relieve some of that anxiety and free up time to focus on your core business.