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Do Sellers Need to Hire a Real Estate Attorney?

Real estate negotiations can be tough. While real estate agents are often quite knowledgeable about property law and how it relates to the home buying process, sometimes issues escalate quickly and legal advice is needed. When this occurs, a skilled real estate lawyer is essential. Do Sellers Need to Hire a Real Estate Attorney [...]

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How Do Real Estate Attorneys Assist Buyers?

If you’re buying a home, the expenses involved start adding up quickly. There’s the hundreds of thousands of dollars you’re using to buy the property, of course, but then there’s also inspection fees, interest, broker fees––the last thing you want to do is add anything else to that growing list of expenses, but it’s [...]

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How to Choose a Real Estate Attorney

Are you planning to buy or sell a home or other property? If so, you will need to find a real estate lawyer to handle various tasks throughout the process. It’s best to find someone as early in the house hunting phase or sale preparations as possible, especially if you’re going to be working [...]

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Why Do I Need a Lawyer to Sell My House?

Do you need to sell your home? If so, you’ll need a real estate lawyer, otherwise known as a land lawyer, to help you along the way. Each individual situation is different and may require more or less legal involvement than other cases. Are you wondering why you need a lawyer to sell a [...]

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What Does a Real Estate Attorney do for a Seller?

A real estate attorney (or real estate lawyer) represents the seller in a property transaction. It is necessary to have a lawyer for house closing in any sale of real estate to ensure that the transaction is carried out legally by all parties involved. Some aspects of property sale will be handled by a [...]

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What Does a Real Estate Attorney do for a Buyer?

Are you in the process of buying a house? Buying real estate is a significant purchase in which a large amount of money is exchanged, often between lenders more so than individuals. It is for this reason that a real estate attorney is required for the buying and selling of property. As a part [...]

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Using The Name Or Likeness Of Another

In most states, you can be sued for using someone else's name, likeness, or other personal attributes without permission for an exploitative purpose. Usually, people run into trouble in this area when they use someone's name or photograph in a commercial setting, such as in advertising or other promotional activities. But, some states also [...]

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Free Expression Limitations On Liability

Exception for News and Commentary You generally cannot be held liable for using someone's name, likeness, or other personal attributes in connection with reporting or commenting on matters of public interest. Many courts view this as a constitutional privilege based on the First Amendment, and some states have statutes explicitly exempting news reporting and [...]

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Federal Lawsuit Austin

Man claims he was falsely arrested The Kelly Legal Group, PLLC filed a federal lawsuit alleging that a man was wrongfully arrested for failing to show his identification. Our Client was awaiting the start of his work day when two Texas Department of Public Safety agents approached he and a coworker and demanded to [...]

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Meet The Face Behind The Kelly Legal Group (KLG)

I’m Jeff Kelly, proud owner of The Kelly Legal Group, PLCC (KLG) I look forward to sharing my story. I hope that you will enjoy getting to know me better. My dad was one of the top home builders in our area; from a very young age, I spent my summers and school breaks working for [...]